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For the past 40 years, D'Amore Promotions has been presenting hundreds of antiques and collectible shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic states.  It has steadily earned the reputation as the most successful, and largest, antiques market in the Mid-Atlantic regions.  It continues to grow in size and popularity. No small feat in today's economy! The flagship show, the DC Big Flea & Antiques Market, burst onto the Northern Virginia marketplace 20 years ago, and its popularity continues to increase. 


The promoter, Joan Sides, is proud of the congenial atmosphere at the shows, and her staff attempts to give good service to her dealers and customers using innovative techniques and advertising. "We are here to serve the exhibitors first and foremost." Our return rate is over 80%. I believe the dealers and customers love to attend this show. It's fun and friendly."


This is a family affair in more ways than one. Her daughters, Marthia and Dee Dee, have also promoted shows in Nashville and NYC respectively. They support D'amore promotions with innovative ideas and assistance in promotional campaigns. The staff is devoted and talented. Keleigh Chepy and Eric Compton are efficient, friendly and have known the Sides family since childhood.  All 3 girls, Marthia, Dee Dee, and Keleigh, are keenly aware of our Gen-X and millennial generations and are launching campaigns to draw them into the show.


The next generation will continue to advance and enhance The Big Flea Market!

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